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Octonauts Coloring Pages

Octonauts Coloring Pages

Octonauts Coloring Pages. The Octonauts series is fun and creative, with many memorable characters! The string features cute little animals piloting creative underwater vehicles to explore the ocean’s depths. This group of free Octonaut coloring carriers for kids is here to mark this fantastic string with Coloring Fun! You’ll meet some of your favorite characters on these pages, and you can enjoy and share them for free. We’d love to notice how you choose to color these carriers, so please share some of your finished favorites on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

15 new Octonauts Coloring Pages to Print and Paint for Free

Our first Octonauts coloring sheet features the adorable Peso, the penguin! Here she has a great time while piloting his little submarine. For this first page, drawing a seabed to finish the scene and show where he’s exploring would be great.

What Aquatic Wonders Would You Make Him Look At If You Had to Draw a Background Here?

Tunip is a fascinating character; he is half animal and half plant! As his name and build might suggest, he is based on the turnip vegetable and the chef for the Octonauts gang—treats here, and they’ll even do some great little details to color in. Captain Barnacles, the polar bear, is next for you to color this great coloring page! He’s enjoying a laugh here, making you wonder what could make him so cheerful. If you want to finish the scene, you can always draw some background details to show what kind of situation he’s in that makes him feel. Here.

It’s Time for Another Underwater Scene as We Feature Dashi the Daschund as he Studies in a Diving Suit!

She’s also taking a picture of something here, and we’re wondering what it could be. You could make a fascinating sea beast by drawing one of them in the path of her camera for her to catch. Our fifth page in this collection of free Octonaut coloring pages for kids features an image where Captain Barnacles has been resurrected into the world! Here he is portrayed as a king, and he has two purposes: to make him look cool and to give you lots of little details to color. We have Dashi in a much more casual outfit in the following image! When coloring any of these characters, you can use their traditional color schemes from the show or create a new look for them.

What Approach Will You Take for the Adorable Dashi?

Next, we’ll introduce Shellington, the sea otter! This character is learned for his curiosity and intelligence, and here he is investigating a fantastic fish. If we were coloring this one, we’d use bright colors to make the fish stand out. This should be an amusing image when you finish coloring it! We’re not done documenting the incredible marine life yet! This time, it’s Dashi, also in a diving suit and taking a photo of a cute seahorse. Even though he already has the seahorse detail drawn, don’t be afraid to draw even more detail in the background to finish the scene.

What Other Fun Sea Animals Can You Think of that Would Make this Scene Even Better Crowded?

Every team needs an engineer to keep things running, and that’s the job of the rabbit character Tweak! He has a talent for repairing any damaged machinery or mess caused by his clumsy teammates, so he always has plenty to do. Here she is fixing some little devices; there are some excellent details for you to color in on this device! Captain Barnacles is around for more in this next Octonauts color sheet! He’s on the move here, and we can see the details of his uniform very well here. This looks like a great action shot and would be another perfect image to add some background.

What Types of Funds Can You Think Of?

The mysterious Kwazii is a pirate cat who is one of the most compelling characters on the show! This photo of him marching grabs his character of him brilliantly, and there are so many great little pieces to color in here. What artistic tools and media does he use to represent his chosen colors here? Captain Barnacles is back in this twelfth image and looks serious here! He certainly means business here and makes you wonder about the situation. For this one, we would use some shadier, more intense colors to stress the gravity of the situation he finds himself in. What shades reach to mind when you see this one?