Tourists traveling to the United States can apply for a US visa at a US embassy or consulate abroad. US visa applicants must have a valid passport and meet certain requirements, such as being of good moral character and not having any criminal record. Visa applications can take several weeks to process, so applicants are … Read more

A Story of Ashley Reeves, Who Survived After 30 Horrific Hours in Between of Life and Death

Ashley Reeves

Ashley Reeves is a woman who survived after 30 hours between life and death. She was forced to spend the following days in a coma, but she recovered from her injuries. Everyone believed she would die from her injuries, but miraculously she survived and regained consciousness after spending many days in an unconscious state. Who … Read more

How To Use A Campfire Spray?


Campfires are a quintessential part of summer, but they can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Campfire sprays have become popular among campers as a safer alternative to lighting fires and using gas lanterns. The chemicals in these products help to neutralize harmful gasses like carbon monoxide produced by combustion, so you don’t need to … Read more