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Dell XPS

Dell XPS 15 OLED (9520) Review

The Dell XPS 15 was one of the first laptops I ever bought. It still holds up well today, and if you’re looking for a great entry-level notebook, it doesn’t get much better than this one.

Keeping the XPS Design Legacy

The Dell XPS 15 is a great-looking laptop with a design that’s been refined over the years. The laptop has an aluminium chassis and an anti-reflective matte finish on the lid.

There are no visible screws or ports—Dell claims this makes it more durable than other laptops with exposed parts—and you won’t have to worry about seeing any fingerprints or smudges on your screen when you’re typing at home or in meetings.

The latest model is also one of our favourites for its keyboard, which we’ve dubbed “the best keyboard” among all Ultrabooks we’ve tested so far (if not ever).

It’s backlit with red LEDs (so you can choose from three brightness levels), but it doesn’t shine into your lap as some other laptops do; instead, it lights up only when there’s something underneath, like paper or a document that needs to be viewed easily without opening anything else first!

The Connectivity Mix: Better Bring a Dongle

The connectivity mix is good. I got a good signal, and all my devices worked well with the laptop, including a Bluetooth speaker and a USB-C charger.

The only issue is that you need to be careful when using this laptop on Wi-Fi because it will be subject to interference from other wireless networks in your area. Using a public or shared network could cause problems with your connection (and even cause interference).

The same goes for public hotspots—if someone else has their device connected at the same time as yours, there may be some issues getting both devices connected simultaneously.

Design and build quality

The Dell XPS 15 OLED (9520) is a nice-looking laptop. It has a matte black finish with white accents and is just about as thin as you can get without compromising on build quality.

The keyboard on this machine is also excellent in terms of feel and responsiveness; there’s plenty of travel, but not so much that it feels like you’re typing with your fingers on the keys.

The touchpad is large enough to be helpful without being too large or awkward—it’s responsive, accurate, and smooth even when using two hands simultaneously, which we often did during our testing period!


The display is what you’d expect from a high-end laptop. It’s bright, sharp, and responsive; it has accurate colour reproduction and a wide viewing angle while maintaining good contrast levels.

The panel is also very colour exact, which means that if you’re looking for an off-white background in your photos or video clips, this screen will give them back as close to their original look as possible without being too washed out and dulled down by the screen itself.

Speakers and sound

The Dell XPS 15 has loud and clear speakers with good sound quality. They’re not tinny or hollow but aren’t too loud or quiet. They are just right at the volume level I prefer when listening to music or watching videos on YouTube.

If you want to know more about how your laptop’s speakers perform in terms of quality, check out our article on how to hear if your laptop’s speakers are bad!

Keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard on the XPS 15 is comfortable to type on and has a good number of keys. It’s easy to use, too—the touchpad buttons are large enough that you won’t have trouble hitting them when using your hands or paws for input.

The trackpad also gets high marks for its size and responsiveness: it’s large enough that you can comfortably reach across multiple windows without needing to spread out your fingers too much, but not so big that it feels unwieldy in most situations (although we haven’t used a laptop with an integrated touchscreen yet).

In addition to the standard backlit keys, this version comes with an OLED display instead of RGB LEDs; At the same time, they’re great for showing off pictures (like these), but they don’t feature any other extra features such as eye tracking technology or haptic feedback like some other laptops do.

The downside here is that OLED displays tend to only work well under direct sunlight; if you plan on travelling outside often during peak hours, this may be worth considering before purchasing one yourself!

Battery life and charging

The Dell XPS 15 OLED (9520) has a battery life of up to 9.5 hours, which is better than most laptops and ultrabooks, but not quite as good as tablets or notebooks. It’s also less than half the battery life of its predecessor, which had an 8-hour rating.

The 99Whr lithium-ion cells are made by Samsung in Korea and weigh 0.7 lbs each with an overall thickness of 1 inch; they’re housed inside a carbon fiber composite chassis that adds only 0.2 inches in thickness to the overall laptop body weight.

The best things about the Dell XPS 15 9570 Touchscreen Laptop

The best thing about this laptop is its quad-core processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. It also has a 4K display, which makes it one of the most powerful laptops available today.

You can get an Intel Core i7 CPU with 8 GB of memory and 256 GB SSD storage for just $1,700 (the same price as last year’s model). If you want to spend less money on your new laptop but still get excellent performance, this model might suit you!

What we like most

One of the best things about the Dell XPS 15 is its screen. It has a lovely display with vibrant colours, good brightness, and a great contrast ratio. The fact that it’s an OLED panel means it can reproduce deep blacks and saturated hues—and in our tests, they were both accurate and impressive.

The speakers on this laptop are also impressive: they’re loud enough to fill up a small room without distortion or muffling at high volumes (we tested them at around 80 per cent volume). They sound clear even when cranked up through their range; if you’re listening with headphones alone or using Bluetooth headphones, you’ll hear no noise coming from them whatsoever!

The keyboard is comfortable enough for typing long documents at full speed; there’s some travel here, but nothing too sharp—it feels like most laptops I’ve used over the years have been built this way (but then again, they usually cost more than $1000).

The touchpad seems responsive enough most of the time but sometimes registers double taps when my hand is moving quickly across it; this could be due to movement between my fingers rather than actual clicking–I’d recommend trying out different settings until something works better for everyone involved.”

What could be improved?

The display is the one area where I could find some room for improvement. While it’s impressive with its HDR support and 4K resolution, the XPS 15 OLED’s display is on the smaller side at 5.7 inches and an explanation of 3,840 x 2,160 (192 pixels per inch).

That might not sound like much of an issue when you consider that many laptops now have screens larger than 13 inches—but if you’re used to getting more screen real estate in your laptop, this could be a problem.

The keyboard also feels cramped compared with other laptops I’ve used recently; my fingers constantly hit keys that only exist, with me adjusting my grip on them every few minutes. And while we’re talking about hardware design details here: make sure yours fits well before buying!

If you’re looking for a great entry-level notebook, it is pretty much the same as this one.

If you’re looking for a great entry-level notebook, it is pretty much the same as this one. The Dell XPS 15 9570 Touchscreen Laptop performs best in an affordable notebook with the latest technology and features.

The XPS 15 9570 Touchscreen Laptop combines powerful hardware with excellent display quality and battery life. The keyboard is comfortable to type on, and the touchpad provides smooth movement when using Windows 10 or Chrome OS. For more Interesting and Informative Content Visit our Homepage


The Dell XPS 15 Touch screen Laptop is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a laptop that can handle everything from gaming to business. It has a large 15-inch display with fantastic colour accuracy, an impressive keyboard and trackpad, and excellent battery life.

The new touch capabilities are also welcome, but they still need to be expanded compared with what you get on other laptops at this price point via touchscreen displays (and even those aren’t perfect). Overall, this is one of the best options regarding quality and performance right now without breaking the bank!

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