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Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller Death – How The Arizona Muder Victim Die?

The murder case of Ryan Waller has been one of the most talked about cases in recent years, and it’s still ongoing. The death of Ryan Waller took place in Arizona on June 23rd, 2017, and his girlfriend Heather was also killed.

A police investigation began after they found blood stains in their house, which led them to suspect Ryan as a possible culprit behind the incident. The police then interrogated Ryan but did not provide him with medical assistance despite being shot twice during questioning by officers from Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

The Murder Case: What Happened In The House Of Ryan Waller With Him & His Girlfriend?

Ryan Waller was a 20-year-old college student who attended Arizona State University. He was also a talented athlete who played baseball and football for the school’s team. In addition to being an athlete, Ryan was well-known in his community as an upstanding citizen with many friends from all walks of life.

Ryan’s girlfriend, Sara Moore, lived with him at the time of his death but left before police arrived on the scene due to her health issues that required immediate attention from doctors at local hospitals immediately after this tragedy happened so she could not be questioned about what happened during those moments when she wasn’t around anymore because she needed help herself instead.”

Why Was Ryan & Heather Shot

The couple was shot in the head.

The family says it’s unclear how Heather and Ryan were killed, but they believe he was shot twice, once on his left side and then again to his right. Heather was also shot twice, once on her left arm and again in the back of her head.

When police arrived at their home after receiving a 911 call about gunshots being fired at 3:30 am local time on July 21st, they found Heather dead on the floor while Ryan lay bleeding next to her body with gunshot wounds to both sides of his face (see photo above).

She had been shot four times – twice each by someone who knew her well enough to recognize her voice and where she lived – so it isn’t surprising that there would be some confusion about whether this was an accidental shooting!

The Investigation – Why Did The Police Suspect Ryan As The Murderer?

The investigation into his death began when police officers from the Phoenix Police Department arrived at Ryan’s apartment on June 29th. He was found with two gunshot wounds to the chest and pronounced dead at the scene. His parents claimed that they called out to officers for help, but no one came to their aid despite being told by them that their son needed medical attention immediately.

Ryan’s family also questioned why it took almost three hours for an ambulance to arrive after he was shot twice and still alive when paramedics finally arrived at his home around 5 pm PST (6 pm MST).

They believe this is a clear indication that someone was covering up evidence tampering during their time there instead of helping him get better or treating him as an actual victim rather than someone who had just been shot by another individual or group of people who did not want anyone else knowing what happened inside those walls.”

Ryan Underwent A Dreadful Interrogation Despite Being Shot Twice

It is unclear how many times Ryan was shot. He was transported to a hospital but died before he could receive treatment.

The police initially refused to provide medical assistance for Ryan or even give him a police report of what happened when they found him on the ground bleeding from gunshot wounds. Instead, they interrogated Ryan and tortured him with questions like: “Who did this?” and “Why did this happen?”

They also refused to provide any evidence related to their investigation into why he was murdered—including identifying potential suspects and providing them with an opportunity for self-defence if necessary.

Police Refused Medical Assistance For Ryan While He Was Brutally Injured

Police refused to help him.

After the attack, police took Ryan to the hospital with severe injuries and refused to call an ambulance or doctor. They also failed to reach a nurse or paramedic for assistance, even though he needed medical attention immediately. As a result of these actions by police officers in Arizona, Ryan Waller died from his injuries shortly after being attacked by multiple assailants on June 29th, 2019, at around 11 pm.

The Testimony: Who Was The Real Culprit?

The circumstances surrounding Ryan Waller’s death are still under investigation, but it appears that he was shot twice. He was interrogated and put in a police car before being driven to the hospital, where he died.

The family of Ryan called out police for evidence tampering after they discovered that the state had collected DNA samples from the crime scene, which were later used in court proceedings against Todd Kohlhepp, who confessed to killing seven people, including four, at Superbike Motorsports.

Ryan’s Parents Call Out Police For Evidence Tampering

Ryan’s parents called out the police for evidence tampering. They were unhappy with how they handled their son’s case and were not satisfied with how they dealt with the investigation into his death.

In a video posted on YouTube, Ryan’s mother said: “We have called [the Chandler Police Department] several times and left messages, but no one has returned our calls.”

Ryan Waller’s Death

Ryan Waller, the Arizona murder victim whose death has recently been ruled a homicide by the state attorney general’s office, was shot in the head and killed by his girlfriend.

The case will now be handed over to local authorities since it was determined that no evidence would support criminal charges against her. For more Interesting and Informative Content Visit our Homepage

Overview Of His Life

Ryan Waller was born in Arizona, USA, and grew up in the state. He attended Arizona State University, where he studied business and management, but he also played basketball for their team.

He was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, a popular college fraternity known for its vibrant social life and a solid commitment to community service.


Ryan Waller’s death was horrific, and he should never have had to go through it. The investigation into his murder has been lacking in many ways, and the most shocking part is that the authorities can’t even come up with a suspect for this case.

Sadly, someone so young had their life ruined by someone else’s actions, but at least Ryan now knows what it feels like to have been wrongfully accused.

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