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Tacoma Simmons

Who is Tacoma Simmons? The complete biography of DMX’s son

Tacoma Simmons is the son of DMX and his first wife, Tashera Simmons. He was born on August 24, 1999, in Mount Vernon, New York.

Who is Tacoma Simmons?

  • Tacoma Simmons is the son of DMX and Tamara Hood.
  • He was born on August 24, 1999, in Queens, New York City.
  • In addition to being a rapper and actor, he is also a producer behind many hip-hop albums, including 21 & Over (2010), which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song and certified Gold by RIAA.

Tacoma Simmons was born on August 24, 1999.

Tacoma Simmons was born on August 24, 1999. He is the son of DMX and has been a rapper since he was young.

He recently released his first mixtape, “The Prelude,” which features songs from the upcoming album “The Autobiography Of Travis Scott,” and other artists like Kanye West, J Cole, and Future.

Tacoma Simmons’ profile and bio summary

Tacoma Simmons is the son of DMX. He is a hip-hop artist and recording artist. He has also worked as a record producer, songwriter, arranger, and actor.

Tacoma Simmons was born in 1999 on August 24 at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. His father is Darryl McDaniels, who is known as the founder of Ruff Ryders Records (which was later renamed DMX’s label).

Tacoma has been active on social media since 2010. Still, he only started posting photos from his personal life after 2014, when he began dating model Genevieve Rivera, who plays Cissy Jones on the Netflix series Luke Cage (2016) until now.

Tacoma Simmons’s age

Tacoma Simmons is 24 years old. He was born in New York City on August 24, 1999, and grew up in Brooklyn.

Tacoma Simmons is a male with an older brother named Kiel James Simmons (born December 19, 1993).

Tacoma Simmons’s social media profiles 

Tacoma Simmons’s Twitter account is @TacomaSimmons, and his Instagram is @Tacomasimms. He has almost 10 million followers on both platforms.

He has more than 670k followers on Facebook, posting photos of himself with his father, DMX, and other family members.

The young rapper also has a YouTube channel: TacomaSimmonsVEVO (around 2 million subscribers).

Is Tacoma Simmons DMX’s son?

No, Tacoma Simmons is not DMX’s son. He is his daughter-in-law. Tacoma Simmons is DMX’s nephew, cousin, and brother to the rapper. The two are not related by blood, but they have been together for a long time and have formed a strong bond.

They share their experiences as musicians from their early days on the streets of East New York, where both grew up in Brooklyn; one being raised by a single mother who struggled financially while her son was going through tough times trying to make ends meet after dropping out of high school at 16 years old due to financial problems resulting from his father’s death which left them unable to support themselves financially until he turned 18 years old when he started working full-time jobs as well as attending college classes during evenings/weekends but still couldn’t make ends meet so eventually gave up on school altogether because there just wasn’t enough money left over each month after paying bills etcetera.

Was DMX on life support?

  • Was DMX on life support?
  • What was DMX’s condition?
  • How did DMX get there?

A few days before his death, the rapper was rushed to an L.A. hospital after suffering from seizures and an inability to breathe independently. He remained unconscious for several days before doctors determined that he had suffered a neurological injury and transferred him into a medically induced coma so that he could receive care for his injuries.

After this stage of treatment failed, it was decided that he would remain in a vegetative state indefinitely until he died naturally or could be weaned off of life support (at which point doctors would stop feeding him).

Where did DMX live when he died?

DMX lived in Yonkers, New York. He moved to the area in 2003 after living for some time in Brooklyn.

DMX’s father died when he was six, and his mother raised him alone. In 2004, DMX released his autobiography titled ‘The Life and Death of an American Gangster: The Autobiography of DMX.’

Tacoma Simmons’s net worth

Tacoma Simmons’s net worth is $1 million.

Tacoma Simmons is a son of DMX and has been living in Los Angeles since he was born. He has several siblings, including his half-brother Exodus and half-sister, Raina Angelique Simmons. As an artist, Tacoma is known for his voice on tracks such as “Ain’t No Changes” by Jay Z featuring Rick Ross & Young Jeezy (2010) and “Two Times” by Eminem ft Rihanna (2008).

Tacoma Simmons’s occupation

Tacoma Simmons is a rapper. He is the son of DMX and Tameka Scott, and his mother’s name was not disclosed at birth. For more Interesting and Informative Content Visit our Homepage

Tacoma Simmons has released two mixtapes, “Get Money” (2012) and “The Return Of The Devil” (2014), as well as one single, called “What They Want.” His debut album, The Return Of The Devil, will be released on December 16, 2017, by Def Jam Recordings/RAL Records


Tacoma Simmons is the son of DMX, who died in December last year. It’s still being determined how much Tacoma Simmons knows about his father’s legacy, but he appears to be doing well. According to TMZ, Tacoma has been spotted at parties hosted by wealthy people like Jay-Z and Kevin Hart.

The site also reported that Tacoma was seen on multiple occasions out with his girlfriend, as well as other celebrities like Justin Bieber (who may or may not have been dating her). Hopefully, these events will help raise awareness about this important issue—and hopefully, we can all do so without being too judgmental of what these young people are going through right now!

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