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Real Estate Market In Dubai

Discovering The Unbelievable Real Estate Market In Dubai

Dubai is regarded as the most impressive and beautiful architectural site, with each construction and structure being unique. The city is home to the tallest man-made megastructure in the world, Burj Khalifa, which is at 828 meters high. It is also regarded as the world’s tallest residential structure.

In the case of the properties of Abu Dhabi, there’s plenty to talk about. Italy has ceased to be the leader of the nation with a leaning tower because Abu Dhabi has homes the largest leaning tower in the world called “The Capital Gate”. It’s a 35-story tower that is five times higher than The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Dubai however is one of the most intriguing economic stories in the current era. Always dynamic, glamorous and glittering Dubai has become one of the most prestigious global cities, and also the center of culture for the Middle East’s business.

When it comes to real estate market, it is the Palm Islands in Dubai harbors enough sand to build two important other Empire State Buildings. Burj Khalifa, the highest constructed by man within Dubai is so tall that even if you were living in Germany you can still observe the building from France.

Keep reading to find out more unbelievable facts regarding real estate properties in Dubai:

  1. Sports Lover’s Paradise The city of sports Meydan One is home to an indoor multi-purpose sports facility that spans an area that covers 25,000 sq km and will provide each sport you can imagine.
  1. Top Hospitality Dubai is a stunning destination that offers luxury, the choices for accommodation are endless. Dubai One Hotel (5 star 350 keys), Mall Hotel (5 Star and 500 keys), Marina Hotel ( 4 Star 350 keys and 500 keys for 2 towers, respectively), Canal Hotel (4 Star 400 keys)
  1. A World Gathering: This fact will definitely be a part of your UAE itinerary if you plan to visit very soon. There is a festival that occurs during the season known as “Dubai Global Village’ which is scheduled during the colder months. It highlights the uniqueness of the country, culture or area in particular, such as foods, clothing or handicrafts. This is that it draws the interest by millions around the world.
  1. It is the Crane Capital: Dubai is known as”the” Crane Capital for a reason. It has one-fourth of world’s cranes, which is 25 percent. Dubai is expanding at an incredible pace as there is always something being constructed. It is therefore easy to understand why Dubai has been named the Crane Capital of the world.
  2. Ocean of Oil: It isn’t surprising to learn that the major economic activity of Dubai involves oil-related transactions. You’d be amazed to learn that only 6 per cent of the oil trade is a source of revenue for Dubai’s economy since the majority of it is produced by tourism and real estate.

The team at Ahyan Real Estate are sure that once you’ve read this information regarding Real Estate in Dubai, you’ll be tempted to explore the city more thoroughly and become interested to experience the extravagant and lavish life the residents of Dubai have to offer. What are you sitting to do? Take your suitcases, reserve flight tickets and then contact Ahyan Real Estate agents who can help you explore the stunning beauty of UAE.