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Cardiovascular disease may cause ED

Cardiovascular disease may cause ED

ED, or not being able to get and keep a hard erection, could be a sign of possible heart problems. In the same way, if you have heart problems and don’t get the right care, it can make it hard to get an erection. If you understand the link, you can do something about it. So, are you wondering what the two have to do with each other? Just read the item below to find out how the two are connected.

People used to believe that plaque buildup in the vessels was what caused erectile dysfunction. Plaque buildup slows down the flow of blood in the genital area, making it hard to get an erection.

 In fact, muscle problems are more likely to cause ED than heart problems. Endothelial failure can cause damage to the arteries and less blood flow to the heart.

 Research shows that blood vessels and smooth muscle problems can cause sexual dysfunction before heart problems. The vascular disease causes the heart to get too little blood and slows the flow of blood to the genitalia. It leads to atherosclerosis. If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), you should take Tadalista 60 mg to feel better right away.

Do arterial problems cause ED?

Not every time a man has trouble getting or keeping an erection, he has a heart problem. Reports show that there is no clear reason why guys have ED. For instance, stress and people who don’t show any signs of heart trouble

Not sure what to do next? Before you try a fix for erectile dysfunction, you should see a doctor and have your heart checked. When you have trouble getting an erection, take generic levitra, which is helpful,

How do you know if you are insecure?

Use of alcohol

Do you drink a crazy amount of alcohol? There is evidence that drinking too much alcohol can cause heart problems. It may also contribute to other causes of heart disease, like high blood pressure or normal cholesterol levels. The way drinking affects erections is also bad.

Blood pressure that’s too

When you have high blood pressure for a long time, it harms the walls of your vessels and makes vascular disease happen faster. Some medicines for high blood pressure, like thiazide diuretics, can hurt sexual performance.

How do I avoid heart disease and stroke?

Even though treatment plans might be a little different for each person based on their risk factors, they all have some things in common, like food, exercise, and, if needed, medicines (see the table for more information). Atherosclerosis can be cured by eating right and working out.

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 Check with your doctor to make sure the exercise plan you are following is safe for you. Cigarettes cause a lot of health problems, including cholesterol, so don’t smoke. If what you eat and how much you exercise aren’t enough to control your risk factors for atherosclerosis, your doctor will give you medicine. Diet, exercise, and medicine can all help stop heart attacks by reducing the risk factors for atherosclerosis.

How can ED be best treated?

Most people can start treatment right away, but some may have to wait until more testing is done. Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil are the most common phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5-I) for erectile dysfunction. If you take one of these pills before going out, your erections will be better. Alternatively, you can take low amounts of generic Cialis once a day. When you are sexually aroused, these drugs help the blood vessels in your penis open up more. which has tadalafil in it, can help men who have trouble getting or keeping an erection.


Men often have trouble with ED as they get older. It is often a sign of atherosclerosis, which causes heart problems by narrowing or blocking the blood vessels. When you know you have ED, you have time to treat your cholesterol and prevent a heart attack from happening. To treat atherosclerosis, you should eat well, exercise, and, if you need it, take medicine. Get help from your doctor if your sexual life is broken, and you might escape breaking your heart.