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4 Situations Where Mail Forwarding is a Must-Have Service

Wouldn’t it be nice to just put a name on an envelope, put it in a drop box, and have it magically sent to the recipient every time no matter where they are in the world?

While USPS mail forwarding is a standard option for forwarding mail, more people are exploring modern ways to forward mail by using services designed with special features to ensure safety and convenience. It may not be a perfect world, but you can take advantage of the benefits provided by a mail forwarding service to make things easier.

4 Reasons for Mail Forwarding

Mail is forwarded for so many reasons. Millions of pounds of mail is processed weekly, sent by all sorts of people from retirees, students, travelers, workers, businesses, and more.

More people are spending an increasing amount of time away from home for business trips and vacationing. Either way, when you’re on the move you need to make sure your mail can find its way to you when possible.

Here’s where mail forwarding services come in handy and offer many benefits when used in the following circumstances:

  1. Moving to a new home.

It’s common for people to use USPS package forwarding when moving to a new address. However, there are mail forwarding services that not only help with forwarding packages, but they make it easy to forward mail received at the old address to your new one.

A reliable mail forwarding service can also make sure essential documents are received, including bank statements, subscriptions, and healthcare information. The service helps during the transition period where mail is received at the new address while making sure others are made aware of your new address.

  1. Living or traveling abroad.

People who travel frequently such as RVers or truckers can benefit from a mail forwarding service. The service ensures your mail is safe while you’re away, but with notifications, you learn right away when something significant is received such as a package or essential letter.  In this circumstance, a mail forwarding service may be the best option.

  1. Business purposes.

If you’re starting out as a new business owner or have a small business from home, mail forwarding services can be helpful. You can obtain a second address to use for business purposes to make it easier to handle the logistics of business mail.

  1. Received someone else’s mail.

It happens. Sometimes you receive mail out of nowhere that doesn’t belong to you. It may belong to a previous business owner or tenant. The mail should be sent back to the post office. The previous occupant wants their mail just like you want yours.

How Mail Forwarding Can Prevent Problems

Using services designed to forward mail can help you be more responsible since it can be a tedious task. You’re likely to pay your bills on time if you receive paper copies of your billing statements in the mail. Some people may not be able to pay their bills online and rely on snail mail, so a forwarding service can help.

You can reduce the risk of being a victim of fraud or theft. A mail forwarding service can account for where your mail gets sent and ensures a stranger doesn’t get it. If a loved one is sending something significant such as a gift, invite, or postcard, a mail forwarding service ensures it is received.

Other Options for USPS Mail Forwarding

While USPS offers simple steps for using their mail forwarding option, some consider using alternatives depending on their situation. If you plan to be away from home for a short time, a neighbor or family friend can watch your mailbox. If you don’t have an urgency to receive mail right away while you’re away, you can place a mail hold through your local post office. An easy option more people are taking advantage of is using a virtual mailbox that lets you view mail from anywhere.

Why Use a Virtual Mailbox for Forwarding Mail?

The local post office may offer USPS package forwarding with basic options, but using a virtual mailbox for mail forwarding provides more benefits. You can have mail forwarded, including letters and packages, anywhere you are. Junk mail can be sorted out so you don’t have to deal with it and unwanted mail can be shredded.

Scanning services allow you to open and view the mail through a secure server and you receive notifications instantly when mail arrives. Cloud storage, shipping discounts, 24/7 customer support, and mobile app access are also available.