Turkey Visa for Maldivian and Omani Citizens

Turkey Visa for Maldivian Citizens

Turkey is an idyllic travel destination due to its ancient and diverse heritage, vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and stunning beaches, which give Maldives visitors an authentic home experience and diverse food offerings.

Maldives residents can easily apply for Turkey eVisas at this remarkable juncture since Turkey has recently opened its international tourism visits. Let’s review all of the details regarding this incredible opportunity and discuss how Maldives residents can submit an eVisa application and get approved.

What exactly is Turkey eVisa?

As part of their efforts to keep up with modern society’s rapid pace, Turkey has introduced an efficient and speedy visa-issuance system called Turkey eVisa that makes visa acquisition faster for its citizens.

It acts as an electronic travel permit that saves you time from visiting an Embassy; moreover, Maldivian citizens may even obtain multiple entry visas valid up to 180 days after receiving them!

Requirements for Turkey Evisa:

To apply for a Turkish eVisa successfully, certain requirements must be fulfilled before applying to guarantee a smooth application process, including:

Your passport should have at least 180 days remaining on its validity after the date of your trip and include two blank pages.

Your email address for notifications and an eVisa we’ll issue to you must be valid for receipt.

Starting the process of obtaining an eVisa requires payment via credit/debit card or PayPal.

Fill Out an Evisa Application Form:

This Turkish eVisa Application form has been carefully created to be user-friendly, offering peace of mind to applicants. This straightforward form will request basic information such as name and surname as well as the date of birth and contact info, and specifics about travel (Passport information).

Once you’ve submitted the form, it will take you directly to our payment option. You will be informed via email or SMS when we receive your payment.

E-Visa Processing Time Options:

A variety of options are provided when it comes to Visa process times. Choose any option of interest:

Normal Processing: Your visa will arrive within 24 hours for only 39 USD.

Express Processing: With this service, your visa should arrive within one to four hours of being applied for. The service fee for express processing is 50 USD.

Super Rush Processing Your visa will arrive within 30 minutes at an additional charge of 70 USD for this service.

Turkey E-Visa for Oman Citizens | Apply for an Online VISA Application in Turkey

Turkey is an attractive travel destination accessible to Omani citizens thanks to the digitization of the entire visa process. People looking to travel there can apply online quickly and effortlessly – no need to visit a consulate or embassy when you can use Turkey’s online visa services at home!

Turkey provides Omani citizens visiting for tourism or business with a Multiple Entry Visa with a validity of up to 180 days beginning on their initial entry and up to 90 days within that period in which they can remain inside the country.

Do Omanis Need a Visa to Enter Turkey?

Yes, an Omani Passport holder needs an entry visa to travel into Turkey legally for tourism or business travel purposes. An eVisa may be obtained online.

Omani citizens wishing to remain in Turkey for purposes other than tourism or business must obtain an embassy permit before traveling there.

Turkey Visa for Omani Citizens

Oman Citizens must possess and present the following documents when applying for a Turkey visa:

Oman Passports are valid for at least six months or 150 days with a 90-day stay visa.

Your debit or credit card can be used to pay the cost of the Turkish visa application.

Apply for E-Visas to Turkey from Oman Citizens using a valid email address

Apply for an EVisa in Turkey

Filling out an eVisa application in Turkey is straightforward for Omani citizens, only requiring them to provide personal details including contact and passport numbers for approval.

Information that may be included on a Turkey Visa Form could include:

Date, Full Name, Birth Place Location (including State/Country of Origin ), Parent(s), Date, Place & Time of Birth are required to register as an entity in our system.

Passport Number, Issuance Date, and Expiry Date.

Contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and physical address, are important in providing accurate service to our customers.

Omanis must ensure they complete the application form accurately; any incorrect information could lead to delays in receiving a visa approval.

Oman Citizens Entry Requirements for Immigrating to Oman

Omani tourists requiring entry must print and present a copy of their valid Turkey visa at entry points, while those from Oman must present additional documentation at those same entry points, such as a passport or driver’s license etc.

An existing passport that contains at least one blank page.

Valid Turkish electronic visa

Note that Omani travelers entering Turkey after 180 days of their eVisa being issued must enter before its validity expires.

How Can I Acquire A Turkish E Visa?

Citizens of Oman applying for an eVisa to Turkey should follow these steps.

Fill Out an eVisa Application for Turkey

Payment of Visa Processing Fee to get a Turkey Visa on eVisa

Your Turkey Visa will arrive by email.

Most visa applications are processed and approved within 24 hours or one to four hours in an emergency; however, to allow enough time in case unexpected delays arise, it is advisable to submit your application early.

Oman Nationals who need to travel urgently can obtain their Turkey visa quickly – its processing time being only 30 minutes!

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