Turkey Visa for Iraq and South African Citizens

Turkey Visa for Iraq Citizens

Whether ordinary or official, Iraqi passport holders who wish to enter Turkey require an approved visa. Thankfully, you don’t need to visit the Turkish Embassy; applicants can submit an electronic visa request at home.

Follow along and discover everything there is to know about Turkey E-Visas and how to apply.

Does an Iraqi require a Visa to enter Turkey?

Yes, to enter Turkey, it is required that one obtain an approved visa if only planning a brief trip. Turkey offers several types of visas, and Iraqi citizens looking to stay longer than one month can obtain a conventional one.

However, one of the primary concerns for Iraqi citizens seeking a Turkey visa is how can they apply.

Applying for a Turkey visa doesn’t need to be complex – just three steps will get your e-Visa approved!

Apply for jobs using valid credentials.

Payment for Turkey visa services fees.

Iraqi travelers typically receive their e-Visa within 24 hours; however, for safety’s sake, it is recommended that they wait at least five business days in case there are delays.

To apply for a Turkey visa, complete an e-Visa application and attach additional documents (please see below for details! ).

Turkey E-Visa Application

To get a Turkey e-Visa, the first step is to fill out a visa application form. Completing it requires providing personal and passport details – an essential step when applying for tourist and business visas in Turkey.

Valid passport valid for at least 90 days

To obtain a Turkey Visa, all supporting documents should be included with your Visa request form and sent electronically instead of visiting an embassy in Turkey.

Processing Time of Turkey Visa

Based on your requirements and preferences, choose from one of three available Turkey Visa processing times options:

Standard Processing Time Although the standard processing period appears lengthy, it only requires up to 72 hours to receive your visa – making this the cheapest choice.

Rush Processing Time If your application needs to be expedited quickly, consider applying for a Turkey Visa through rush processing. Although more costly than its normal process, you could receive your visa within 24 hours.

Super Rush Processing Time – Finally, we offer Super Rush Processing. While this will incur the highest costs, your electronic visa approval process can be reduced from 5 hours to 1.

Turkey Visa for South African Citizens

South African passport holders who wish to enter Turkey need a valid visa before arriving. Turkey provides various types of visas specifically tailored for South African passport holders, including:

Single Entry Visa

Travelers visiting Turkey for one month may qualify for the Turkish One-Entry Visa, which permits entry and stay up to 30 consecutive days – ideal if visiting for business or pleasure!

At its heart, the E-Visa online application system is flexible and convenient, enabling applicants to submit applications from home instead of visiting the Turkish Embassy to apply.

Multiple-Entry Visa

Regular passport holders can apply for multiple entry visas that allow multiple entries, similar to an online visa but allowing multiple entrances at different times into a country. Although it’s only valid for 180 days, with these documents, you can remain up to 90 days within any 180 days.

South Africans seeking multiple-entry visas will need to visit the Turkish Embassy. They must fill out and submit a visa application form before waiting several days.

Visa Exemption

There are exceptions to every rule. South Africans are usually required to obtain visas; however, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows those holding passports issued by their government to benefit from visa exemptions and enter Turkey without needing one.

Official passport holders are permitted to remain in Turkey for up to 30 days without obtaining a visa, before either leaving the country or applying for one.

Apply for a Single Entry Visa

Tragically, Turkey does not offer visa-on-arrival service for South African citizens traveling to Turkey, so an official visa – most likely an e-visa or single entry visa – must be obtained in order to travel there.

Online visa applications in Turkey can now be submitted without physically visiting a consulate. Furthermore, this process is simple.

Fill out and submit this application form for a visa.

Make online payments secure and safe to cover the processing cost.

Submit Your Application

After submitting your application, your visa should arrive within a few working days.

Required Documents

You must submit personal data, contact details, and travel documents to apply for a visa.

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