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Turkey Visa for Afghan and Bangladesh Citizens

Turkey Visa for Afghan Citizens

Afghan nationals looking for visas should contact Turkey Visa Application Service immediately as an Afghan National.

Visa applications for Turkey don’t need to involve visits to consulates or embassies – you can now submit them online! Simply pay an application fee and provide documentation proving eligibility before submitting an online form.

Length Of Stay Turkey provides Afghans with various visa options. A popular one is a single entry visa online, which does not renew and permits you to remain in Turkey for 30 to 180 days before it expires – in case you wish to return later.

If you plan to remain for an extended period, they’ll require applying for a traditional visa and resident and work permits. Traditional visa applications can be submitted at the Turkey Embassy in Kabul; otherwise, contact any mission located within Pakistan or nearby nations for consideration.

Documents Required for Afghan Visa Applications in Turkey

Afghan passport holders applying for a visa should submit the following documents and application form to gain approval:

Valid Afghani Passport

An Afghani passport is an essential document. To ensure smooth travel, your passport should be valid at least six months before its scheduled travel date and contain two blank pages which serve as stamp verification pages to obtain the visa.

A valid email address will be necessary as the application process will take place online. The platform will verify the address before sending you an electronic visa for download.

Valid Visa

Schengen and UK/Ireland entry visas are different documents needed when applying to Schengen countries; their absence will not disqualify your application; however, having one could help your chances of approval in any way.

Hotel Reservation

Your accommodation details must also be considered when making hotel reservations online, so include those details when filling out your application.

Proof Of Adequate Funds Last but not least, you must provide evidence of adequate financial resources. They want to ensure you can cover the expenses related to your stay in Turkey; at a minimum, this requires proof of living expenses of at least $50 per day divided by the number of days in Turkey you will spend time there.

Steps To Acquire A Turkey Visa For Afghans

Are You Planning on Applying for a Turkey Visa to Afghans? Here is what You should Do

Complete and submit an Application Form.

Verify all information to ensure it is correct since inaccurate or false details may lead to the rejection of your application.

Select a payment method to cover the visa service fee, then complete and submit the checkout form.

Send yourself an E-Visa application form and instructions to get it stamped by email (you will receive confirmation).

Turkey Visa for Bangladesh Citizens

Are You Applying for a Turkey Visa in Bangladesh? You must know this can be accomplished using an electronic e-visa application platform. An e-visa gives you permission to travel without physical documentation being presented for review by authorities in Turkey.

Travel from France to Turkey within 30 days

This visa will grant access to Turkey for tourism or business.

Below is more information on how Bangladeshis and citizens of Bangladesh can apply for a travel visa to Turkey, so keep reading for more details.

Bangladeshis now can avail of electronic visas (E-visas).

The Turkish E Visa is an electronic visa introduced by the government of Turkey to expedite the process of applying for short stays within its borders.

With the introduction of the E-Visa Program, applying for visas became far more efficient, with faster processing times and competitive prices for visa-free travel. If you reside in Bangladeshi E-visa allows faster entry into Turkey than ever.

e-visas for Turkey are one-entry documents that grant holders permission to stay for at least 30 days and are generally issued for tourism and business use, with an expiration date of 180 days.

Benefits Of Turkey Visa For Bangladeshis

An Easy Application

Apply for your Turkey visa easily at home instead of traveling from your town or city to Dhaka to obtain one in person – online applications are much quicker, taking only minutes to complete.

E-visas offer more cost-effective visa applications than third-party agencies, which may charge high service fees that increase travel costs.

An e-visa is a single entry document issued in Turkey that permits its holders to remain there for at least 30 days, usually for tourists but also for business purposes, with maximum validity lasting 180 days.

Turkey E-Visa Requirements

Bangladeshi visitors must submit soft copies of the following documents with their e-visa forms.

Valid Passport

To acquire your Bangladeshi citizenship, it will be necessary for you to present a valid passport with six months left before its expiration.

E-visa applications can be submitted online. When approved, your Visa will be delivered directly to your verified email address – make sure it belongs solely to you and isn’t accessible by third parties.


Turkey requires that visitors to its country be able to secure accommodations before arriving on its shores, which requires verifying hotel reservations made via the Internet or mobile apps.

Proof Of Funds

Furthermore, you must provide evidence of your finances to demonstrate that you can support yourself during your stay in Turkey.