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Turkey eVisa for Cypriot Citizens

Turkey Visa for Cypriot Citizens

If you are a Cyprus resident, applying for a Turkey eVisa is simple. It only takes filling out one form to receive an approval letter quickly so you can travel to Turkey as soon as possible!

Before embarking on this online process, take note of these key details about Turkey visa requirements for Cypriots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for each system component.

Are Cypriots from Cyprus required to obtain a visa to enter Turkey?

Yes, tourists from Cyprus require the Tourist e-Visa when traveling to Turkey. You can submit this document online, so no trip to a consulate or embassy will be necessary to apply.

What are the Basic Requirements for Obtaining an eVisa from Turkey?

The Turkey eVisa is an electronic document granting you entrance to Turkey for tourism-related travel purposes.

Electronic visas function the same way as regular ones; their only difference being they’re processed online.

What requirements must be met to submit my application? makes applying for visas easy for travelers around the globe – and you, too. Provide some basic requirements and items so we can start processing right away; all it requires is some effort on your part! Here is a checklist of things you’ll need:

Passports: In today’s globalized society, passports have become indispensable documents. If you possess one, ensure it remains valid throughout your trip to Turkey by checking its expiration date or reading through its information page.

E-mail Address: While your Turkey electronic visa will be connected directly with your passport electronically, one printed copy must be presented at immigration when entering the country.

Payment Methods: Before submitting your application, payment must be made. Using either your credit or debit card makes this an easy process.

Click here for more information on how Cypriots can apply for a Turkey Visa.

How long is my Turkey eVisa valid?

Cyprus citizens: Your Turkey eVisa expires 180 days after arriving. Additionally, this single-entry visa only allows one visit at any one time.

How long and what are the associated costs in this document?

Travelers frequently express concern about processing time and costs with this service.

No need to worry about providing fast service at an affordable cost, the cost of which depends upon which processing date you select. Also, keep in mind that they provide three great options if you live in Cyprus – these being:

Standard processing: If you have the time, this option requires waiting all day – although it is the longest process time available and should only be chosen by those with plenty of planning time for their travel arrangements. At USD 98.49, it will cost you.

Processing Speed: If you would like your application processed quickly, for USD 156.49 more, you can select this option and have your eVisa arrive within four hours in your email.

Super Rush Processing: At USD 209.49, this expeditious option makes obtaining your Turkey Visa an extremely cost-effective and expedient process, and you should have it ready within 30 minutes.

How can I obtain a Turkey Visa using my Cypriot passport electronically?

At’s services, obtaining a Turkish visa online isn’t difficult and may even be among the simpler steps of your travel plans. Filling out their online form takes only 10 minutes, and there’s also an exceptional support service on hand should any help be needed when filling it out: they even have 24/7 call back numbers available should any assistance be required in filling it out:

Step one is entering your basic data and selecting one or more process times listed before.

Payment and revision will determine the next steps of this process, with payment done via one of the above methods and revision requiring careful thought rather than being treated as just another inconvenience. Be mindful that processes data promptly, so any typo mistakes could render your visa invalid and inapplicable.

Finalize the process by attaching all necessary items and clicking “submit.”

What should I do if there is an error when applying?

Remember that once your application is submitted successfully, your Tourist e-Visa will arrive via email, and you no longer need to visit an embassy for processing. Take note of any mistakes or oversights during application submission – these could delay or invalidate it altogether.

If you made an error when entering your information online and require assistance, please get in touch with one of our customer service representatives immediately for guidance. Remember that once an eVisa has been issued, any further modifications cannot be made.

What measures should I take to extend my stay?

If you already live in Turkey and wish to extend your stay, obtaining a residence permit through your Local Police Station is necessary for continued residency. Unfortunately, we can no longer assist with this step.

Note: Overstaying the validity of your Turkey Visa may result in penalties, including being barred from future travel to Turkey or even deportation, so please be wary