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Emergency Visa and eVisa for Turkey

Emergency eVisa  for Turkey

Foreigners requiring temporary travel to Turkey may qualify for the Emergency Turkish Visa (eVisa for emergencies). This visa enables non-Turks who need to visit for urgent and important reasons – for instance, relative death, legal proceedings in court proceedings, illness of family or loved ones, etc – to visit Turkey quickly. You can request one via our emergency Turkey Visa Request System.

Contrasting with other visa applications such as Turkish Tourist, Business, and Medical visas, an emergency Turkish eTA application will take much less time for approval.

Traveling in Turkey for leisure purposes (museum visits or personal relationships, for instance) won’t qualify as an emergency, and therefore, you will have to apply for several types of visas separately; one unique advantage of an emergency or critical Turkish visa application is it is processed on weekends as well.

Under such circumstances, Emergency Visa for Turkey fee must be paid for an eVisa Turkey application to travel. Travelers, medical, business conferences, or medical attendant visas do not require this step.

With this service, you can have your Emergency Turkish Visa Online (eVisa Turkey) within 24-72 hours for immediate travel plans to Turkey – perfect if time constraints prevent planning an immediate excursion!

The Turkish government has made it easier for citizens of most nations to obtain an electronic visa of Turkey (eVisa Turkey) by filling out online the Turkish Visa Request Form to apply for business, tourism, medical treatment, or conference registrations.

Emergency Visa Applications for Turkey require an in-person visit to the Turkish Embassy. Whether traveling for business, tourism, or medical purposes, it should not take many days for your visa to be approved – our staff members will be available on holidays, weekends, and even after hours to ensure those needing one quickly receive one.

Timeframe of processing Emergency Turkish Visas can range between 18-24 or 48 hours depending on how many cases are in stock at any given time of year and the availability of emergency Turkish visa processing professionals who assist visitors coming to Turkey. A team of fast-track workers available 24/7 can process Emergency Turkish Visas.

What Are Emergency Turkish eVisa Processing Consideration Cases?

If you need an Emergency Turkish Visa quickly, our management must approve it internally before giving approval for an Emergency Visa request to be sent to us. Using this option could incur an administrative fee; for more urgent situations like losing a family member or friend, you should visit the Turkish Embassy to apply directly for one of their Emergency Visas.

To apply for an emergency visa at your local Turkish Embassy, arriving before 2 p.m. local time at most embassies is best as paying your fee. After paying, they will ask you for several forms, such as face-to-face photographs and scans or photographs taken with mobile devices of both yourself and your passport/visa/ID document(s).

Before submitting your visa request, ensure you have all the documents needed. Be mindful that revealing any false information regarding urgency could compromise your credibility in an interview setting.

The following are scenarios that will be considered when applying for an Emergency eVisa to travel to Turkey:

Emergency Medical Care –

Travel is often undertaken to obtain emergency medical care or accompany a family member or employer to seek it in an emergency.

Documentation Requirements A letter from your doctor detailing your medical condition and why you’re seeking care outside the country must accompany any request to seek treatment abroad.

Letter from a Turkish hospital or doctor confirming that they will treat the patient and offer an estimate for the cost of care.

Provide evidence of how you plan to pay for treatment.

Family Member Illness or Injury (FI)

This trip aims to assist a member of my family who has fallen sick or been injured while living in America.

Documents may include letters from doctors or hospitals confirming and explaining any conditions or damage to the property.

Evidence indicates that the person’s suffering is related.

Funeral Services or Death for funeral services.

This trip’s purpose is to attend the funeral or prepare for the return of remains from Turkey – such as mother and father, brother and sister, grandparents, grandchildren, etc. – whose bodies will then be interred on Turkish soil.

What are the advantages of applying for an emergency e-visa when visiting Turkey?

Applying for an Emergency Turkish Visa online (eVisa Turkey) provides numerous advantages. They include fully paperless processing, no need to visit the Turkish Embassy, valid for both sea and air routes, payment available in more than 130 currencies, and processing available 24 hours a day – eliminating any need to have your passport signed at an official Turkish agency or have your passport signed.

Who is eligible to apply for an Emergency visa to travel to Turkey?

Emergency Evisa to Turkey. Here is a list of eligible applicants.

Foreign nationals with minor children that possess at least one Turkish citizenship parent as their parent will qualify.

Turkish nationals married to foreign nationals.

Single foreigners with children under five who possess a Turkish passport.

Non-native students with at least the number of Turkish nationalities as adults.

Employees authorized to work in consular offices or accredit international organizations in Turkey.

Foreigners of Turkish ancestry looking to travel to Turkey in case of an urgent family matter, such as life-threatening medical concerns or grieving for deceased family members, must be approved before traveling there.

At its core, a person of Turkish origin refers to any individual who holds or had held citizenship before moving outside Turkey or holds or had held citizenship before arriving there.

Foreign citizens stranded near neighboring countries seek to reach their final destinations via Turkey. Also included is anyone traveling for medical treatment (and/or their attendant, if applicable).